Cocoa Poisoning

Death by chocolate is a reality for our furry friends, unfortunately.
Cocoa beans are used to make chocolate and the bean shells are sold commercially in some places as organic garden mulch.
Both chocolate and cocoa bean mulch contain theobromine, a toxin that can kill dogs and cats if eaten, yet our own bodies can deal with it.
Dogs are attracted to the strong, sweet chocolate smell and are more likely to eat it than cats are. Signs of poisoning are vomiting, muscle tremors, seizures and irregular heart rhythm, causing sudden death.
It may take several hours for these signs to show but if poisoning is suspected, vomiting should be induced within 1 hour of eating the chocolate or cocoa mulch. It is a dangerous and deadly poison and smaller dogs and cats are most at risk simply because a deadly dose can be as little as 1 ounce for them. The good news is that chocolate pet treats contain smaller amounts of theobromine and are generally safe to be given in small quantities.
Cocoa mulch is not widely available here, but chocolate is a common household item, so please be sure to keep all chocolate out of pet reach!