Digging Dog

Q:“How do I stop my Mini Foxie from digging holes in my yard?”
Digging is a normal doggie behaviour but too much can create a moonscape and may spread fleas.
Dogs dig for many reasons, including making a comfortable place to lay, creating a den, chasing lizards and storing excess food in their outdoor “pantries”, while others love to dig for fun and rolling in the sand massages those hard to reach spots! Some dogs enjoy it more than others and the local sandy soils make it easy.
Foxie’s are Terriers, bred to be ratters and that means DIGGING!!! so you will have to be persistent in order to reduce your Foxie’s urges and change his preferred area to one that satisfies you both.
More exercise, especially vigorous, off-lead exercise helps reduce excess energy. Introduce rewarding, daily alternatives to digging, such as working for food from food dispensing toys, instead of bowl feeding.
Redirect digging from lawn and garden to a designated area or sandpit, where digging is fun. Large plastic clamshells for children work for smaller dogs and keeping cool reduces the need to dig so put sand in one half, water in the other. Reward him for using them.
Finally, remember that some dogs have digging in their genes so compromise, patience and persistence will be needed.