Our services do not cost extra at your home

No premium is charged for visiting you within regular hours

We offer many services such as filling prescriptions, dental examination, blood collection and analysis, vaccinations, euthanasia and more, at your home – more..

The fee for a consultation / check up, including visiting your home is $69.00.

Here are indicative costs for some of the more popular services, all of which include the consultation / check up fee at your home:

All vaccinations include a nail clip, if needed

  • C4$75
  • C5$85
  • Triennial Canine$100
  • Feline Basic Vaccine$75
  • Feline Basic Vaccine + F.I.V.(feline AIDS)$85
  • Feline Basic Vaccine plus FeLV (feline leukemia)$85
  • Feline Basic Vaccine plus F.I.V. & FeLV$95
  • Microchipping$58
  • Microchips are registered for national tracking
Annual heartworm injection –
  • Cost varies according to your dog’s weight