First Aid for Burns

With the recent bushfires it seems timely to give advice about burns.

Burns are extremely painful and always become infected, since skin is the natural barrier to infection and that has been breached by the burn.
Applying clean, cool water or cold packs wrapped in a light cloth, can give some Immediate relief and can actually reduce the severity of the burn, this should continue for as long as necessary which could be hours. Your Veterinarian will need to administer antibiotics and strong pain relief as soon as possible by injection.

Injections are important in treating burns because if the pet is in shock the gut will not absorb oral antibiotics or pain relief, and injections bypass the gut and are also much faster acting. Bandaging burns may also be needed if the burn is deep; bandaging is difficult in pets because they try hard to remove it, failing to understand the good of a bandage, just that it is foreign. Sometimes sedation and hospitalisation are also needed.

Volunteers play an essential role in all natural disasters and many thanks to our local Fire and Rescue Service.