Give the sword to paralysis ticks!!!

Each year on Bribie there seems to be more cases of paralysis ticks found on pets. Recently I was seeing a pet for a routine check- up and discovered a paralysis tick!
Paralysis ticks are hard-bodied ticks and very tough customers, there are few effective treatments. The natural hosts are native animals and they cause no disease or paralysis in natives because they evolved together. Not so with our introduced, beloved dogs and cats.

Scalibor is the name of the newest weapon against paralysis ticks. It is an anti-tick collar costing around $25 and reduces paralysis ticks by 98% for 3 months. Impressive! It is rolled white plastic so is more comfortable for your dog than the traditional flat tick collar. Scalibor goes well with Comfortis, a highly effective flea control tablet given once per month. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

This article published January 2013. More recent information may be available and pricing may have changed since this article was published. Please contact Jackie for up to date information.