How do we know when the time has come to decide to have our much loved pet, humanely put to sleep? It is a bit different in each circumstance, but I have a few guidelines which I will share with you. If your pet is able to perform his or her basic bodily functions daily (such as eating, drinking, urinating and defecating) and still appears bright and happy, then you probably do not want to make that call today. But the situation can change quickly and it does become difficult to time it just right so as not to take a good day away from your beloved pet and family member. For example, if your four-legged family member is starting to lose control of bodily functions and is having toileting accidents in the house, this is not a good sign because of the associated loss of dignity for them. Our pets spend their life being considerate family members, taking care to follow pack rules and toilet in the designated places and some pets become quite distressed when they can no longer do so. This causes distress to your pet and it is probably a good idea to make that tough, unselfish decision soon. Each day becomes more treasured when you know there are so few days left, but try not to delay the decision for too long either!